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Why work with me

Why is it worthwhile to work with me?

All of us encounter difficulties in daily life in all the different areas of our lives. Working with me will equip you with simple tools that work. The goal: to give each and every one of you tools for dealing with day-to-day life, in all aspects of life.

Options that I offer:

Workshops based on the method of Louise Hay “You can heal your life”
Training to teach the method

Workshops based on the method of Susan Jeffers “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Personal training
Training to become a Coach

“Prosperity” Workshops

“Be aware – Lose Weight” Workshop

“Stress Management Especially for Women” workshop

Lectures on diverse topics

Following a short conversation with me, you will know exactly how you can benefit from working with me.



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Personal Training

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Questions and Answers

How will I experience change in my relationship if only I am doing the work to implement these methods?

In every relationship, the moment one side or half implements a change; the whole is affected and is changed as well.
When I become more self-aware, I begin to listen to the needs of my partner and in turn, he/she begins to become more receptive to and understanding of me and my needs.
Energy attracts more energy from exactly the same wavelength.
Negative energy attracts additional negative energy and positive attracts positive.

My child does not listen to me/eats all the time/speaks disrespectfully to me. What can I do to change this situation?

When I learn to value myself, I will respect my desires and I will listen more carefully to the words that I use in my speech.
Only then, following this new self-awareness, will I begin to relate to and treat my child with respect.
The child will feel that I am respecting him/her and their actions will also be positively affected.

I have no energy, I am not in the mood to do anything, nothing is working for me... what can I do in this type of situation?

How is your health?
What are you eating?
Are you willing to do a bit of exercise?
Although it might sound like this person is just bored, usually, low energy levels are a result of a lack of vitality that stems from negative thoughts, worries and a diet that is not filled with nutrients and oxygen.
In order to reach a place of being able to change thought processes, it is first necessary to empower the will to change.

Future Events

  • Would You Like to Experience Health, Love & Joy?
    Becky Rothstein Teaches, “You Can Heal Your Life”
    Six Session Course in English on Zoom:
    Identifying Your Goals
    Healing Emotions
    Habits of Belief
    Improving Self Expression
    Implanting New Habits

    Becky Rothstein has been a certified trainer in the Louise Hay method since 1999.
    Begins Wednesday, February 3rd at 8:30 pm
    1960 / $298 until January 15th N1,130 / $350 after January 15th
    Coupon DEC2020 -
    Sign Up Here!

  • Would you like to experience truly healthy, satisfying, loving
    relationships? You can! Awareness of your thoughts, feelings and emotions is the key to
    rewarding relationships. Becky Rothstein invites you to join her for free Louise Hay teachings, “You Can Heal Your Life.”
    Becky Rothstein has been a certified trainer in the Louise Hay method since 1999.
    Wednesday, December 30 at 8:30 pm in English on Zoom. Register here now!

About Me

בקיMy name is Becky Rothstein.

For years, I have dedicated my time to teaching methods for positive thinking that enable personal growth and reduce stress and tension in people’s lives. I view the opportunity to help others improve their quality of life as an honor and privilege. I work with people in a unique and simple way. I give them tools that they can use on a daily basis in all areas of life. The goal: for everyone to know how to help themselves.

What exactly am I talking about?

Through deep listening and intuitive abilities, coupled with over 30 years of experience, I know how to precisely identify the problems or issues that people who come to me are struggling with- sometimes even before they are aware of these issues themselves.

Why does it work?

I provide a true “mirror,” that allows people to look deep inside themselves. I do this in a pleasant way which focuses on the person I am working with and helping them to find solutions. I give simple solutions that work and the results speak for themselves. In addition, I am Israel’s only authorized Teacher Trainer in the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay.

The story of my life

I became interested in the field of positive thinking and self-awareness following my own personal experience. After moving to Israel with my parents from Chile at age 16, I had to deal with the difficulties of transitioning to life in a new country. The difficulties I had adjusting hurt my self-confidence and suppressed my creative abilities. These feelings characterized the years of my childhood. At age 30, I was a young mother and wife and I found myself to be unhappy with life and full of anger. My body began to fall apart. My right leg began to shorten as a result of the polio I had suffered from as a child, even though doctors had told me that I had completely recovered. I suffered from terrible back pain and my stomach resisted the painkillers that I was taking regularly.

I needed change!

I began to study different methods for self-healing. I started to help myself and to care for others as well. I began to understand that everything stems from our own thoughts. I decided to travel to San Diego to participate in a workshop based on the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay. When I returned to Israel, the transformation began. I stopped blaming myself and learned to tell myself “Do not give this matter any additional thought.” My life changed dramatically. I knew that I had the power and the ability within me to change. My feelings of failure gradually disappeared. Today, when I feel pain, I am able to sort through my thoughts to understand what the pain is trying to tell me. I choose to think supportive and positive thoughts, and the pain disappears, as if it was never there. For over two decades, I have not taken any medication. I walk straight and my limp is gone. Life is wonderful- thanks to the change I made in my approach and my perspective.

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