Dear Friends,

The impact of our thoughts on our experience of reality.

Who is not familiar with the “thoughts warehouse” that we have collected over the course of our lives and take everywhere with us?

We have the opportunity every single day to make choices and to influence our experience of reality.

We are the ones who create the ability to flow with our reality, rather than trying to fight it. “The end deed originates from the first thought.” It is our responsibility to choose thoughts whose end result will be for our own good, benefit and happiness.

As long as the candle of life continues to burn, we can effect change in our lives.

How do we achieve this?

-Awareness is the key. The first thing we must do, every single day, is to check and identify what we have stored in our “thoughts warehouse.”

-Consider which thoughts serve me in a positive way. I will keep these thoughts in my warehouse. Maybe there are some thoughts that I no longer need? These thoughts I will seek to replace.

-If I encounter a negative thought, I will consciously exchange this thought for a positive one.

The end result of consistently carrying out this simple exercise is a life of responsibility and saying “I can.”

Believe me, it is possible and it works.

With love and firm belief in The Path,