This series will deal with the emotions that drive us,

the emotions that trigger our actions in all area of life.

Some of these emotions serve us well, and others inhibit us

And even hurt us.

Awareness is the first step.

If we are aware of our emotions, we are able to change and to exercise free choice.


Every one of us is familiar with the frustrating feeling of,

“I’ve really wanted to for years and it’s just not happening.”


What do you want?

– Choose three things, in areas of life that you would like to improve right now.

– Make a list in the order of importance to you.

– For each of the three things that you have chosen, make a list of activities that you could do with a defined schedule. This will help ensure that you will truly achieve whatever it is you have set out to do.


After a month has passed, check which actions you have carried out, modify if necessary and make a new plan of action.

If you are persistent, you will achieve results and the thing you really wanted will happen.



With love and firm belief in The Path,