A “taste” of the tools that I teach my clients

Simple and easy to implement- that’s why they work!

Looking Glass Exercise:

Twice a day, walk over to a mirror and look into your own eyes. Listen to your internal “chatter.” What is it saying to you while you look into the mirror?

Tell the person you see in the mirror: I appreciate you.
If this is hard, say I am willing to learn to appreciate you.
The most important part it to pay attention to how you feel inside when you say this.

Be aware of your own criticism of yourself, guilt, and other negative feelings.
Sometimes this is expressed as dissatisfaction with yourself.

The focal point of this exercise:
The mirror is clear and reflects your thinking patterns that reduce energy.

Positive statements:

In order to change the negative chatter that is uncontrollably taking place inside of you,
We utilize positive statements.
This tool of positive statements enables you, by choice, to plant seeds of thought that support and encourage you within your subconscious, through repeated practice and exercise.

Your negative beliefs about yourself and about your life will become weaker and make “less noise.”

The result: joy, vitality and a sense that you are taking responsibility for your life.