Questions and Answers

How will I experience change in my relationship if only I am doing the work to implement these methods?

In every relationship, the moment one side or half implements a change; the whole is affected and is changed as well.
When I become more self-aware, I begin to listen to the needs of my partner and in turn, he/she begins to become more receptive to and understanding of me and my needs.
Energy attracts more energy from exactly the same wavelength.
Negative energy attracts additional negative energy and positive attracts positive.

My child does not listen to me/eats all the time/speaks disrespectfully to me. What can I do to change this situation?

When I learn to value myself, I will respect my desires and I will listen more carefully to the words that I use in my speech.
Only then, following this new self-awareness, will I begin to relate to and treat my child with respect.
The child will feel that I am respecting him/her and their actions will also be positively affected.

I have no energy, I am not in the mood to do anything, nothing is working for me... what can I do in this type of situation?

How is your health?
What are you eating?
Are you willing to do a bit of exercise?
Although it might sound like this person is just bored, usually, low energy levels are a result of a lack of vitality that stems from negative thoughts, worries and a diet that is not filled with nutrients and oxygen.
In order to reach a place of being able to change thought processes, it is first necessary to empower the will to change.

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