Positive Thinking Workshops

The term “positive thinking” is becoming increasingly common. Positive thinking has its sources in our patterns of thinking.

Individuals who participate in my workshops emerge from the experience knowing how to identify the patterns of thinking that dictate their actions and behavior.
They also learn how to change those patterns that are holding them back and sometimes even preventing them from doing the things they want to be doing.

Awareness is the force that allows us to identify thought patterns that are inhibiting us from experiencing our desires.

When we succeed in recognizing the power that “controls” our cognitive thinking, the power that tells us what we can and cannot do, what is worthwhile and what is scary, we then have the choice of choosing to react to life or to create the life we want to experience.

The purpose of the workshop is to reduce the effect of our old thinking patterns and environments and to create a life of joy and inner peace.

My work is based on the methods of Louise Hay, who is considered a pioneer in the connection between body and soul. My article entitled “The Art of Living” is published in Hay’s 2010 book Modern Miracles. In the article, I share with readers the journey I traveled, how I discovered the methods of positive thinking and how it changed my life.

The Positive Thinking Workshop is for people interested in taking responsibility for their lives who want to learn simple and practical tools that they can implement in their everyday lives.

What does the workshop include?

We will identify the “doors” each participant wants to open in his/her life as well as the “doors” that we want to close because they are no longer beneficial.
Examples: criticism of one’s self and others, past resentments, fears and worries that block progress towards the realization of dreams, and feelings of guilt that cause pain.

Once we have identified the “doors,” we will begin the process of identifying patterns of thought that are holding us back from making changes in our lives.

We will practice tools such as mirror work, positive statements, relaxation with visualization and more. These exercises will plant the seeds in the subconscious that will lead to a different way of thinking.

Between sessions, participants will receive assignments and already during the workshop will begin to experience a change. During the workshop we will identify the obstacles blocking our paths. After we recognize them, we can choose to deal with and relinquish them.

The workshop concludes with participants experiencing feelings of love and self-acceptance, which are the main ingredients needed to succeed in life.

The workshop is offered in 2 different configurations:

10-session workshop:

This workshop includes the study of the tools themselves as well as implementation of the practical application of these tools in our daily experiences.
For example, improving our attitude in the workplace, in our families, and in our most personal relationships.

6-session workshop:

This workshop is a primarily educational one where participants learn all of the tools that are part of the Positive Thinking method. In this workshop, there is less of a focus on cooperation and the practical application.